La Sed Del Oro Nos Dejara Sin Agua (Montreal)

The thirst for gold leaves us without water.

In July I went back to Montreal, the first proper trip to one of my old haunts since I’d departed for the West. While it was hot, sticky, and decidedly hazy (smoke from the northern wildfires has traveled rather far south this year), I was nevertheless indulged in a proper day over on the Plateau, exploring all of the murals that have gone up since my last visit and being treated to frites, Portuguese natas and Belgian beer. We even went up la petite montagne and mingled with the tourists, taking in the view.

It’s not an understatement to say that both of us were gobsmacked by this new piece of art. The quality of the shading and the minute detail were even more impressive. The mural definitely has an impressionistic effect–when you get closer, you start to see how carefully the colors have been blurred to give impact at a greater distance. But the soft color treatment does nothing to lessen the overall impact.

There is a lot of great large-scale mural art in Montreal, but this is some of the best I’ve ever seen. I hope it stays up for a while.