Core Competencies

My educational technology skills largely fall into three categories:

  1. Content management–including web site design, information architecture, digital archives, and the use and administration of content management and learning management systems (CMSes and LMSes), as well as questions of digital identity and establishing an effective virtual presence.
  2. Multimedia pedagogy–the smooth and successful integration of a wide variety of multi-modal technologies (including interactive timelines and maps, original audio, images, and video, and data visualization tools) into new and pre-existing pedagogical contexts.
  3. Professional development and training–best-practices-based guidance for faculty who want a helping hand as they integrate new technologies into their classroom practice, presentations at local and regional conferences, professional development resources for fellow technologists in the field, and expert briefings for university leaders.

Selected Projects

Content Management

Multimedia Pedagogy

Professional Development

Comprehensive Portfolio

Technology Portfolio, 2001-2016. This portfolio is updated annually. Last update: January 2016